1. Science, faith and society. Public lecture and debate between scientists, theologists and philosophers, Auckland Astronomical Society, Auckland, 12/09/16 (250 attendees).
  2. No Barriers – small island, big ideas. Awana Rural Womens Trust, Full weekend of science-themed activities for rural populations on Great Barrier Island, 9-11/09/16 (est. 500 attendees).
  3. Science Media Savvy Workshop. Co-host for science communication training workshop for 22 scientists, Auckland, 31/03/16
  4. Wallace Art Centre. Public science lecture and accompanying art exhibition: Elusive earth, refined images of Antarctica, Auckland, 15/11/15 (>1,000 visitors).
  5. Auckland Astronomical Society. Public lecture: From Antarctica to Mars, 13/07/15 (300 attendees).
  6. TEDx lecture. Public lecture on science, faith and society, TEDx Auckland, 02/05/15 (2500 attendees).
  7. TEDx live Combined panel and social media discussion forum, AUT lounge @ TEDx, 02/05/15 (est. >500 attendees).
  8. Auckland Arts Festival. Public debate on environmental issues for Auckland as a growing city, Think Science Show, 14/03/15 (est. 60 attendees).
  9. NASA Spaceward Bound New Zealand. Rotorua ‘meet NASA’ Public Open Day, Rotorua, 22/01/15 (est. 2,000 attendees). Māori open days at Marae across Rotorua region, 16-22/01/15 (est. 300 attendees).
  10. The Science of Christmas. Script writer, producer and co-presentor of a video using the magic of Christmas to explain serious science, 03/11/14
  11. Icefest 2014. Interactive public display on use of drones in Antarctic conservation for over 5,000 visitors, Christchurch, 05/10/14.
  12. World Science Week. Public lecture: Living with Drought, The Royal Society of New Zealand/MBIE, 30/08/14 (200 attendees).
  13. World Science Week. Public lecture and MC for live event on emerging infectious diseases, The Royal Society of New Zealand/MBIE, 26/08/14 (200 attendees).
  14. BBC Naked Science Show. Public event and live radio broadcast discussing new advances in Kiwi science, BBC Radio 5 Live/Radio New Zealand, 09/08/14 (100 attendees, plus >1,000,000 radio listeners in UK and NZ).
  15. Livestream giant squid dissection. MC and producer, NIWA - Auckland University of Technology joint venture, 19/06/14 (>25,000 livestream viewers).
  16. Professorial Address. Public lecture and webcast: Life, the universe and everything, Auckland University of Technology, 15/04/14 (300 attendees).